Love Painting Pokemon!

me holding the ninetails painting Me holding up Blastoise and Venusaur painting me holding my Alazakam and Gyarados painting up before shipping



arcanine painting by starv Blast from the Past gyarados painting framed holo Charizard Painting by Demaries Isom aka Starv

Primeape #057
Primeape #057

nidoking POKELAWD by demaries isom artlawd starv

Started to get back to my original Pokemon art and glad to see them come to life in my style and how people are liking how I go about creating them – Eventually want to do the first complete 151 with a first edition set and continuation set to follow with rares and nostalgic collectibles attached to have an impactful feel to the art that brings back memories of those that can relate  to a 90’s kid childhood.

Boondocks x Dragonball Z x Pokemon mash up


Only 40 poster prints will be available
Dimensions 13×19 in.
Price: 25$
PayPal only
Global shipping also

Any Questions comment below or DM me.

Kik: @Starvcustoms

*Mini prints will be available forever just the posters are limited edition and will be signed as well.
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Are you my Father?


Growing up my pops wasn’t in my life much – pretty much absent thru the whole thing – a thing called incarceration I guess :?. I often turned to fictional characters or celebrities to lead me into being the man I am today, because Mawmaw could only do so much. I saw a lot of power, charisma and other qualities I admired in characters like #Mufusa, the Mask, the #Green Ranger and can’t forget my Broham the #BlackRanger Ayyy tho lol. In this piece I have the one and only Prince of all Saiyans – #Vegeta – I liked Vegeta fight and by that i mean his relentless drive of becoming stronger! He was always aiming to become stronger and stronger something I also embraced to make it out of the hood and the turmoil I was surrounded by daily. My quest to find a father figure lead me to find it in many fictional and nonfictional – #WillSmith #JimCarrey @marlonwayans and many more but the point is I guess that #anime and tv shows help raise me for I saw what I wanted to be and not be.

Primeape #057

Primeape #057

               Had to be my all time first gen Fighting Pokemon – He won me over in his debut on the show “Pokemon.” He was ever so amped and ready to dig his fist into his next victim. He was like the Muhammad Ali of Pokemon and Ash had to give him up smh (like he did all his good pokemon – haha). I even started a while back to collect all the Primeape Pokemon cards (yea I know Lammme) haha, but hey what can I say the Kid at Heart won’t grow up lol. (never actually learned how to play Pokemon either – ha) But yea enough ranting off – so below is my painting of the Champ – the #1 Contender in my heart – Primeape #057 – still up for sale on my Etsy (Starvcustoms) – Dimensions 16 x 20in.

Primeape #057
Primeape #057