Freddy Krueger

Never was a big fan of horror movies, but Freddy was such a character lol – Didn’t see all his films, but mainly him vs Jason was so fuxin funny lol – And to have the power to kill victims in their dreams is a good power you have to admit – This was originally going to the ORIGINAL FREDDY (the actor Robert Englund) but plans didn’t go accordingly. So now this piece is up for sale for just 225$ plus shipping. If you’re interested contact me and let me know 🙂

Sincreely Starv


Majin Joker

I’m big fan of anime and cartoons – My art can speak simply in a thousand words unknown to any language of how my love for anime and cartoons are – So this here mash up is a clear depiction of that love for the infamous characters Majin Vegeta and The Joker – I had in my head the perfect combo of the two and this is the outcome – I’m SUPERBLY HAPPY WITH IT !!! I don’t even care if it doesn’t sell because its soooo cool to me and shows me how much I’ve grown as an artist and plus its Majin Joker – ARE YOU SERIOUS – LOL if so WHY SO SERIOUS LMAO 🙂 – Welps, enough ranting if you like this piece share it with others or better yet purchase this beaut for just 300$ plus shipping. Thank you for viewing sincerely – Starv

Majin Joker mash up
Majin Joker mash up