Great to see my Art with all their new Owners

Love seeing that my art has such great homes
Love seeing that my art has such great homes

ricki with his freddy painting from me black dave with his black bart piece I Did for him jordan in austrailia with his kid buu piece by me mormon OR with his custom cap starv Dusty Hernandez with his Painting Jake from Canada with his art pieces from me Cell Jr and wolf Kamehameha jordan custom wrestling shoes dbz gohan vs cell RONNIE WITH HIS CUSTOM SHOES Donovan Harp with custom shoes nicole decker with her of shoes jake jayne with his prints from me



I grew tired of seeing the same ol Vegeta art online – I had to create and manifest the prince of all Saiyans in a depth different from those before me and those to come after me – hope you guys like

Me holding All Hail Vegeta for the last time vegeta painting by starv all hail vegeta by demaries isom aka starv

Boondocks x Dragonball Z x Pokemon mash up


Only 40 poster prints will be available
Dimensions 13×19 in.
Price: 25$
PayPal only
Global shipping also

Any Questions comment below or DM me.

Kik: @Starvcustoms

*Mini prints will be available forever just the posters are limited edition and will be signed as well.
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Are you my Father?


Growing up my pops wasn’t in my life much – pretty much absent thru the whole thing – a thing called incarceration I guess :?. I often turned to fictional characters or celebrities to lead me into being the man I am today, because Mawmaw could only do so much. I saw a lot of power, charisma and other qualities I admired in characters like #Mufusa, the Mask, the #Green Ranger and can’t forget my Broham the #BlackRanger Ayyy tho lol. In this piece I have the one and only Prince of all Saiyans – #Vegeta – I liked Vegeta fight and by that i mean his relentless drive of becoming stronger! He was always aiming to become stronger and stronger something I also embraced to make it out of the hood and the turmoil I was surrounded by daily. My quest to find a father figure lead me to find it in many fictional and nonfictional – #WillSmith #JimCarrey @marlonwayans and many more but the point is I guess that #anime and tv shows help raise me for I saw what I wanted to be and not be.

20$ Anime and Cartoon sketches





If you want a sketch of your favorite #anime or #cartoon character it’s $20 from today to midnight of Sunday. Dm me – email me or kik me – – kik @Starvcustoms – payment done via PayPal. Dimensions mainly around 4.5x7in. But sizes vary usually a little bigger or smaller. Characters can be from #naruto #fairytail #dbz #onepiece #Simpsons #bleach #fullmetal #rurouni #kenshin #marvel #comics #souleater #streetfighter #mortalkombat #yyh and etc. – #Starv #myart

Majin Joker

I’m big fan of anime and cartoons – My art can speak simply in a thousand words unknown to any language of how my love for anime and cartoons are – So this here mash up is a clear depiction of that love for the infamous characters Majin Vegeta and The Joker – I had in my head the perfect combo of the two and this is the outcome – I’m SUPERBLY HAPPY WITH IT !!! I don’t even care if it doesn’t sell because its soooo cool to me and shows me how much I’ve grown as an artist and plus its Majin Joker – ARE YOU SERIOUS – LOL if so WHY SO SERIOUS LMAO 🙂 – Welps, enough ranting if you like this piece share it with others or better yet purchase this beaut for just 300$ plus shipping. Thank you for viewing sincerely – Starv

Majin Joker mash up
Majin Joker mash up