arcanine painting by starv Blast from the Past gyarados painting framed holo Charizard Painting by Demaries Isom aka Starv

Primeape #057
Primeape #057

nidoking POKELAWD by demaries isom artlawd starv

Started to get back to my original Pokemon art and glad to see them come to life in my style and how people are liking how I go about creating them – Eventually want to do the first complete 151 with a first edition set and continuation set to follow with rares and nostalgic collectibles attached to have an impactful feel to the art that brings back memories of those that can relate  to a 90’s kid childhood.



I grew tired of seeing the same ol Vegeta art online – I had to create and manifest the prince of all Saiyans in a depth different from those before me and those to come after me – hope you guys like

Me holding All Hail Vegeta for the last time vegeta painting by starv all hail vegeta by demaries isom aka starv

Deadpool x BobaFett shoes wip


Finishing an order #Deadpool x #BobaFett – who would win?

Need #kicks kik me @Starvcustoms or e-mail

I can provide shoes or you can send shoes. 
Shoes are waterproof.
I ship globally. 
Payment via PayPal.
Any questions? Just ask.

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Primeape #057

Primeape #057

               Had to be my all time first gen Fighting Pokemon – He won me over in his debut on the show “Pokemon.” He was ever so amped and ready to dig his fist into his next victim. He was like the Muhammad Ali of Pokemon and Ash had to give him up smh (like he did all his good pokemon – haha). I even started a while back to collect all the Primeape Pokemon cards (yea I know Lammme) haha, but hey what can I say the Kid at Heart won’t grow up lol. (never actually learned how to play Pokemon either – ha) But yea enough ranting off – so below is my painting of the Champ – the #1 Contender in my heart – Primeape #057 – still up for sale on my Etsy (Starvcustoms) – Dimensions 16 x 20in.

Primeape #057
Primeape #057

Freddy Krueger

Never was a big fan of horror movies, but Freddy was such a character lol – Didn’t see all his films, but mainly him vs Jason was so fuxin funny lol – And to have the power to kill victims in their dreams is a good power you have to admit – This was originally going to the ORIGINAL FREDDY (the actor Robert Englund) but plans didn’t go accordingly. So now this piece is up for sale for just 225$ plus shipping. If you’re interested contact me and let me know 🙂

Sincreely Starv

Majin Joker

I’m big fan of anime and cartoons – My art can speak simply in a thousand words unknown to any language of how my love for anime and cartoons are – So this here mash up is a clear depiction of that love for the infamous characters Majin Vegeta and The Joker – I had in my head the perfect combo of the two and this is the outcome – I’m SUPERBLY HAPPY WITH IT !!! I don’t even care if it doesn’t sell because its soooo cool to me and shows me how much I’ve grown as an artist and plus its Majin Joker – ARE YOU SERIOUS – LOL if so WHY SO SERIOUS LMAO 🙂 – Welps, enough ranting if you like this piece share it with others or better yet purchase this beaut for just 300$ plus shipping. Thank you for viewing sincerely – Starv

Majin Joker mash up
Majin Joker mash up