Are you my Father?


Growing up my pops wasn’t in my life much – pretty much absent thru the whole thing – a thing called incarceration I guess :?. I often turned to fictional characters or celebrities to lead me into being the man I am today, because Mawmaw could only do so much. I saw a lot of power, charisma and other qualities I admired in characters like #Mufusa, the Mask, the #Green Ranger and can’t forget my Broham the #BlackRanger Ayyy tho lol. In this piece I have the one and only Prince of all Saiyans – #Vegeta – I liked Vegeta fight and by that i mean his relentless drive of becoming stronger! He was always aiming to become stronger and stronger something I also embraced to make it out of the hood and the turmoil I was surrounded by daily. My quest to find a father figure lead me to find it in many fictional and nonfictional – #WillSmith #JimCarrey @marlonwayans and many more but the point is I guess that #anime and tv shows help raise me for I saw what I wanted to be and not be.


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